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Learn how we prowl!

Puppy Sitting

We offer relief in the middle of the day to allow your dog to get fresh air.

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Paws on trails/dog walking program

Our goal is to make sure your dog gets a nice recess and to make sure their needs are replenished while you are away or preoccupied.

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Obedience Program

Classes that teach you behavior training through different levels.

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Our Story

Get to know our pack

I am the pack leader of The Woofcester’s Green Collar Pack WGCP. I am the fifth generation born & raised in the Worcester Massachusetts Region. I had grown up with German Shepards, Rottweilers, Boxers and a Doberman. Later my mother had a puggle/chocolate lab mix named Yogi & a Pekingese named Bella (Pumpkins Grandma). I had become a certified dog trainer in 2020 and had been immediately working with the public. I was immediately hired by the company where I had taken my internship and had decided that I wanted to utilize my skills to service my city and our surrounding towns. As you will see on our site many of our dogs are our neighbors, as well dogs we meet on our travels to many cities throughout the United States. Please follow our social media to be a part of our daily adventures.

Meet Pumpkin

Pumpkin is a Pekingese & Shi Tzu mix so she is a Peki Tzu. She was born in my mother’s house and I had named her the day she was born because her color pattern appeared to have had a pumpkin shape on her back. we have been inseparable since. She is part royalty and her attitude may display it at times. She will work but not for long periods of time, she is after all, a diva.

Meet Koa

My working dog Koa is a Dog Argentino, I have been putting him through my course as to demonstrate how to perform the exercises that I ask of you. He is living proof that there is value in this program and that it can be achievable by you. Koa was adopted through on Febuary of 2023. He has already proven to be such an incredible asset to our pack & our program. He is currently working toward doing scent work to sniff out wild game. Never to engage with a wild animal but only to perform scent work. I would never risk harm toward my pack members because I need to uphold & reciprocate the same loyalty as they provide willfully.

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